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From the bottom to the top

...of the class :)

Justin is three years younger than Daniel, Daniel is a bit of a freak, intellect-wise, and Chris and I are grownups and relatively bright ourselves. And Justin has been home schooled for five years. And while that has been overall a very positive experience, it does mean that for five years, Justin has effectively been at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of feeling - or appearing - smart.

He went to school part-time this year. Got his report card back yesterday. Straight A's :) :) :)

I'm proud of him for that, but not as proud as I was when he told us he'd won a Principal's Award (at his school apparently that's for being one of the top students in his class). Shortly after getting it, he walked past one of his classmates, who sneered, "Super nerd!"

Justin just brandished his Principal's Award at the kid. "Yeah!! SUPER Nerd!"
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